i miss you both more than i could ever convey but thank you for the memories at this beautiful place  (at Soldiers Point - Nelsons Bay)
after talking about it for months we finally got to put the copper back into @dirrrtypop’s hair and it turned out amazing if i don’t say so myself 💁💇🙆
happy father’s day, dad!! 😘
one of the craziest, busiest weeks ever comes to a close today and i think i did it on 24 hours sleep combined but it’s put me back in the headspace i need to be. so thank you to all who were involved in this amazing week of mine and forced their invaluable positive influences on to me. ☀️🌷
just a casual limber up session at the airport #rule18 #zombieland #delirium #13hoursinbrisbane
we’ve crossed over into the land of delirious 😁👍😫 #whatissleep  (at Nak)
sweet night in with these broads @victoriaknees @dirrrtypop @_brittneybell 🙇😙💨
new shirt club🔫 #pulpfiction @torianne1995 @emiiiiyo
dat look of concentration 👍 thanks for being an always wonderful and patient client @teganjaii 💇💁 #hairblesser #hairdressing
what a nice day!! ☀️🌞